No Income Verification

If you are an investor, we have a program that can be used for purchases and refinances on your income property that is producing rent.

This product can be used for a single rental property or 100’s of rental properties. You can also use this product to Fix & Flip homes.

On Rental property loans, 20% down payment on a purchase or a refinance. You can do either a rate and term refinance or a cash-out refinance. Min credit score is 620 for this product.

These loans can be used on Single Family, Condos (Non-Warrantable are acceptable), Town homes, 2-4 units, and multi units 5-20 units. Minimum loan size is $75,000. You are required to have an escrow for taxes and insurance.

Fix & Flip loans, Depending on your experience you could be putting down as little as 10% down on purchase and 5% down on rehab costs. Min. credit score for this loan program is 600. Min loan size is $75,000. This is an interest only product for 9 months can be extended to 12 months if needed. Maximum LTV after repairs is 75%. Must have an escrow for taxes and insurance. Funding can be 10-14 days. This program does not require a net worth.